Best This or That Questions

This or That questions are here for your playing pleasure. However you choose to use this list is fine, but remember that the goal is to have fun and get to know those around you. Whenever the answers are interesting, funny, or shocking, please dig in a little more so you can be better acquainted with your players. 

There are variations in how you can use this list. 

  1. A version of “The Newlywed Game:” You and a partner answer on paper, then check to see if your answers match. You receive a point if they match. You can play this in a group of partners to see which couple has the most matching answers.
  2. A version of “Find the Match:” In a circle, everyone writes their answers, then shows them on the count of three. You receive a point for every matching answer in your group. The winner ends up being the person whose answers match the most people by the end of the game.

Have fun!

Best This or That Questions

  1. Morning or evening?
  2. Cocoa or coffee?
  3. Pop or rock?
  4. Cookies or brownies?
  5. Text or call?
  6. Money or love?
  7. Movies or TV shows?
  8. Summer or winter?
  9. French or Spanish?
  10. Coke or Pepsi?
  11. Hamburgers or hot-dogs?
  12. Horror or romance?
  13. Chocolate or vanilla?
  14. Book or movie?
  15. Sunshine or moonlight?
  16. Boat or plane?
  17. Reading or writing?
  18. Painting or drawing?
  19. Water or fire?
  20. Club Penguin or Poptropica?
  21. Sweatpants or dress pants?
  22. Superman or Batman?
  23. Witches or wizards?
  24. Fruits or veggies?
  25. Roses or daisies?
  26. Ketchup or mustard?
  27. Circles or squares?
  28. Pandas or koalas?
  29. Burgers or tacos?
  30. Beaches or mountains?
  31. Chick-fil-a or In-N-Out?
  32. Toast or bagels?
  33. Oatmeal or granola?
  34. Tacos or burritos?
  35. Sandals or sneakers?
  36. Card games or board games?
  37. Roller skates or skateboards?
  38. Alaska or Hawaii?
  39. Skiing or snowboarding?
  40. Leather or lace?
  41. Sweet or salty?
  42. Chicken or ham?
  43. Breakfast or dinner?
  44. Apples or bananas?
  45. Snapchat or Instagram?
  46. Facebook or Twitter?
  47. Pizza or Alfredo?
  48. Scooby-doo or Tom & Jerry?
  49. Bacon or sausage?
  50. Apple pie or cherry pie?
  51. Book or ebook?
  52. Ninjas or pirates?
  53. Paris or London?
  54. Perfect teeth or perfect hair?
  55. Night-in or night-out?
  56. Asia or Africa?
  57. Roller coasters or epic water slides?
  58. Vintage or brand new?
  59. City or country?
  60. Alone or in a crowd?
  61. Music or podcasts?
  62. Spring or fall?
  63. Water or soda?
  64. Online or at the mall?
  65. Long hair or short hair?
  66. Dancing or singing?
  67. Pink or blue?
  68. Oreos or Chips Ahoy?
  69. Model trains or model cars?
  70. Big Bird or Tweetie Bird?
  71. Marvel or DC?
  72. The Bachelor or The Bachelorette?
  73. Kardashians or Dance Moms?
  74. The Voice or American Idol?
  75. Scuba-diving or sky-diving?